Getting ubuntu and debian on computers, as much as possible.

That is our goal.

All free on request.

Are you concerned about your privacy?

Large software companies have eyes and ears in every living room or office.(Remember this name: Asimov) Malicious and even mainstream software programs can silently turn on your camera and microphone, or record your keystrokes and forward them(eg during online banking). Cloud and mail services provided by these software companies are shamelessly searched by high security agencies. Authentication, e-mail address and even your cellphone number is needed for installing proprietary software and services , physical addresses are figured out easely. Google street view does the rest to get the outside view

This is only possible because the pre-installed operating systems allows it. And the big software companies require every PC manufacturer to place their software on each computer. More: they try to make an installation of an open source operating system on these computers almost impossible.

We try to do it the "David and Goliath" way to change  this situation Do not expect huge media campaigns from us, because  as open source brewery we cannot afford it. Expect not much media attention for opensource, editors do not bump the head of their advertisers

Trust us, the world will be better with opensource.Choose your shit here.